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Maggie Loves Dolls

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Maggie Loves Dolls

Maggie Loves Dolls, a real lesbian punkish girl who loves to eat pussy or licking teen girls assholes found a new website which is pretty new and is dedicated to just one thing! Pussy, Pussy, Pussy! Yeah thats right clean and virgin pussy for breakfast! Maggie Loves Dolls is a story about Maggie a girl with different faces and a hot body! See Maggie Loves Dolls fucking!

Name: Maggie
Age: 19
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Height: 163cm
Weight: 52kg
Sign: Sagittarius
Measurements: 82/67/90cm
Hair color: ever-changing according to my mood
Hobby: I’m a kinky girl and a real book worm. I love books.
Besides books I love photography and bullying cute girls :-p
Tattoo: 2 foxes on my shoulder
Piercing: tongue and chin
Fave music: Rock, Metal, Trance, Techno
Favorite writer: S. King
Favorite thing to wear: when i’m home i wear only my favorite perfume
Favorite food: chinese food and chocolate
My Favorite Color: Black
My Favorite Fragrance: Sandal
My Favorite Alco-Drink: screwdriver
My Favorite Sensation: i love waking up knowing that i don’t have to hurry anywhere
My Favorite Emotion: being in love
My Motto: RED on the head, FIRE in the bed
Turn Ons: I am fond of guys with long hair, tats & piercing
Turn Offs: narrow-minded people and guys who don’t care about their
I want to make sex: I have had sex in many wild & crazy places, i only haven’t
tried sex on a boat & on a plane yet :P

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